AudioLogic Joing Hearing and Balance Centers of New England

Dr. Keith Darrow, Ph.D CCC-A and owner of Hearing and Balance Centers of New England has brought on Clare Williams and the AudioLogic staff to join the his team. AudioLogic Hearing Services, Inc has begun a transition to become a Hearing and Balance Centers of New England location. This adds the 3rd location. to the area. We promise to bring you the same compassion and care you're used to recieving from AudioLogic.

Visit the Hearing and Balance Centers of New England website for the latest information.

Hear Better Today in Holden, Massachusetts!

Hearing is vital to life. It is our connection to the world around us - through our ears we receive information, communication, and emotional connection. Hearing loss may cause feelings of isolation, and can decrease the quality of life. If you suffer from hearing loss, there is no reason to feel powerless. The doctors at Audiologic Hearing Services can help.

If you are searching Worcester County or Central Massachusetts for hearing aid information or an audiology provider, look no further than Dr. Williams' office. We are committed to providing compassionate care for unique hearing problems in a private, comfortable setting. Our two audiologists, Dr. Williams and Dr. Seymour, prioritize old-fashioned, attentive care while introducing patients to the exciting future in hearing aid technology.

We provide hearing aid fitting and service for many hearing aid manufacturers such as Widex, Oticon, Siemens, Resound, Starkey and Phonak. Assistive listening devices such as blue tooth connectivity and FM systems are also available to widen access to other technology through appropriately fitted hearing aids.

We hope this website will answer any questions you may have about audiology, your hearing, and the services we provide. If you need any further assistance please contact us, or give our office a call.

Call us today to schedule a free screening, or bring your insurance card for a comprehensive audiological evaluation. We look forward to meeting you!

AudioLogic Hearing Services, Inc.

Medical Arts Center
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